How to find cheap flights

Airfares have increased since travel resumed in 2022 as the word headed off to explore the world once again, but were faced with limited capacity and rising fuel prices. Airline tickets only escalate over the summer season. Here are some tips for taking to the skies without breaking the bank.

1. Don’t search by destination only

Flip the way you search for flights. Use the Google Explore map, enter dates, your departure airport and leave the destination open (or pick a region, such as Asia). You’ll get an instant picture of which places are cheaper to reach.

2. Use a good flight search site like google

Try sites such as or You can compare airlines as well as see which days of the week offer better value.

3. Avoid travelling on weekends and peak season

“Weekend flights are typically the most expensive and highest in demand,” says Finder travel expert Stephanie Yip. “Flying out on a weekday can really help keep costs dwn. And avoid school holidays and peak seasons.”

Flexibility is the key to cheaper flights.

4. Try to book two one-way tickets

Travel expert recommends mixing things up. “Flights don’t have to be booked as returns – booking separate one-way fares can end up saving you money.”

5. Try to be flexible with travel dates

Sometimes airline prices can drop drastically between days.

6. Set an airfare alert by visiting airlines website

Sites like Google Flights allow you to do this, and then notify you when there is a drop in price.

7. Consider some land travel to save money

When time is on your side, consider land transfers. Instead of flying into London, fly to Paris instead (if it makes financial sense). It doesn’t take long (or cost much) to get between the two cities on a super-fast train.

Scheduling a stopover can make airfares cheaper.

8. Plan a stopover to save cost

Flying direct can have a huge impact on how much you pay for your flight, especially if you’re crossing an ocean.

9. Take a domestic flight first to reduce cost

Use a positioning fare to get you to your destination if you’re flying internationally. These are short domestic flights from your base to a second domestic destination to get a cheaper fare for the longer leg.

10. Try bypassing the bigger airports

Think about flying into secondary airports in major cities, if that’s an option. There’s often a price difference between fares.